Hot Female tattoo models making waves on Insta

Tattoos are quite the marmite situation even in this current day and age. People either love them or hate them, and everyone generally has an opinion about them. We at HOI LOVE them and feel that they should be celebrated! After doing some scrolling and researching, we noticed that it is more common for men to be covered head to toe in tattoos than women, so we are here to celebrate some of the hottest women on Instagram rocking the body art scene.


Berlin based, self-titled “Wolf Queen” is a raven haired, tattooed instamodel who is about travelling, music, animals and tatts (as per her bio.) It also states she is into metal, HC and punk music which gives you a good insight to the inspiration of her style. Her pictures are mostly underwear, for the reason of showcase the incredible pieces on her skin.

PlaceforModels on Twitter: "Model: Makani Terror / Twitter: @MakaniTerror  IG: FB: Homepage:" / Twitter


American based Mary-Leigh is a model and cover girl, with a look that she showcases mixing from girl next door to ultimate vixen. She is a beautiful red head, passionate Vegan who also does cosmetic tattooing for other women. Brains and beauty with a heart of gold. WIN!


Another beauty from across the pond, this time Virginia. Girl next door style with crazy, beautiful ink work that you may not see coming if she were covered up in a roll neck (never judge a book!). She has a classic pin up style which she showcases on her page with photos, beauty hints and tips, q and a’s and general female positivity, all documented by her fiance, CUTE!

поливайте цветето национализъм Посещение на баби и дядовци sara x Ще се  видим утре суета влошавам се


Also known as GoGo Blackwater who’s instagram is pretty down right stunning! Looking like she has walked out of the 70’s, with artistic, almost angelic photography, mixed with her edgy tattoos, you’d think almost immediately this girl has gotta be a model and a creative, and you’d be right! She’s an entrepreneur selling her own designs and products. Badass.

Ink Me Now on Twitter: "Gogo Blackwater (@zombiegogo) @candiedrap  @HpPedroza @tattooblade @Khosioke @onlytattoosgirl @hemoglobo" / Twitter


British model Lauren mixes up the usual influencer style with great fashion, gorgeous to look at but the twist? Tattoos that cover both arms and hands, and some additions on her legs. Showing that tattoos are not just punk rock, but girly, sexy and feminine too!


Wow! With a huge 1.6million followers this amazing woman is doing something right. With the most tattoos we’ve seen so far, she is a work of art! Not only a vlogger, “mom and wife” she also runs and owns two successful companies @froststreetwear and @frost.burgers. A designer, a chef, and a kick ass content creator

Freshly Inked Interview with Monami Frost – freshlyinkedmagazine

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