Young star wearing Al Nassr shirt transforms into Ronaldo

When young talent Alejandro Garnacho of MU was practicing exercises with his brother Roberto while wearing the outfit of the Al Nassr club, they drew the attention of the coaches.Garnacho seems to convert into Al Nassr’s most popular aspect when he wears a shirt with the number 7 printed on the back. Al Nassr is now the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.


Even though Garnacho is only 19 years old this year, he has already played for the first team at MU for two seasons.If the Argentine winger only appeared in two games during the 2021/22 season, then during the previous season, head coach Erik Ten Hag utilized him 36 times and he scored five goals.


In the video that has gone viral on social networking sites, Garnacho can be seen playing soccer in the evening with his brother Roberto. The movie was uploaded by Garnacho’s brother.Upon seeing Garnacho perform his deft touches while wearing Ronaldo’s signature uniform, one Twitter account remarked, “Look at what Garnacho is wearing, he must be a crazy fan of CR7.”


The account that holds the opinion that “Garnacho has clearly shown everyone who is GOAT (the best player of all time) in his eyes” is one that shares the same perspective as the previous account. Even if he is from Argentina, Garnacho must have a strong admiration for Ronaldo in order to be the new player. “Kick the ball with him while wearing Al Nassr’s shirt with the number 7.”

During this time, another account gave their opinion on the matter, saying, “Garnacho wears Ronaldo’s number 7 shirt at Al Nassr? I have no idea what Garnacho is thinking, but I have no doubt that he will become a significant figure in the future.


Garnacho is a huge Ronaldo fan, and during the 2021/22 season, he had the privilege of playing with his hero. Ronaldo is Garnacho’s favorite player.Before the start of the new season, it was anticipated that he would take Ronaldo’s number 7 shirt at Manchester United.However, Chelsea’s young midfielder Mason Mount finally ended up wearing this shirt after it was gifted to him.Many Red Devils supporters were upset by this decision, as they believed that Garnacho, and not Mount, should have been given the opportunity to wear the number 7 jersey.

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