“21+ Delicate Heart Tattoos Perfect for Women”

Selecting the ideal tattoo is a big choice. Ultimately, you will always have your ink on you (unless you choose laser removal, which isn’t exactly painless). Most likely, you’re looking for something profound without seeming overly serious, timeless without being cliched, and unique without being garish.

A heart may seem far too straightforward and corny, but there are countless variations of the frequently sketched shape. You can use a heart in your tattoo to symbolize anything you want it to, like getting artistic or honoring a loved one. Furthermore, it complements almost every tattoo style that is available. Not convinced by us? Continue reading for ten tattoos of hearts that complement every style.

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Two tiny heart tattoos on the neck and the shoulder, almost freckle-like.


Consider getting several little tattoos that together give the impression of freckles for a delicate and original variation on the traditional heart tattoo.

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Shoulder tattoo of a hand-drawn heart with a black outline and a red outline.


This place has lots to love (pun intended). We are all enamored with this beauty, from the subtle, overlapping small lines to the romantic touch of red to the tasteful (and easily hidden) placement. It’s sophisticated yet lighthearted at the same time.

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woman's hand with small heart tattoo on pinky@THEVICSTYLES / INSTAGRAM

We adore all delicate tattoos, but we especially adore finger tattoos. The subtle location of this design—on the inside of the pinky finger—can act as a charming reminder or surprise throughout the day.

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A tiny heart tattoo on the top part of the ring finger.


Given that we use our hands for everything, finger tattoos are understated yet always important. We adore the concept of putting a tiny heart next to a meaningful phrase or slogan, like this one.

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A tiny cherry tattoo on the inside of the pointer finger, with two little hearts as the cherries.


Given how much use the area receives, we might be a little worried about its durability, but there’s no doubting how awesome an inner-palm tattoo looks. We also adore the decision to replace the cherries with adorable small hearts.

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A cartoon heart with the word "acceptance" written in script below it. The tattoo is on the side of the clavicle.


For an always-there reminder, add a meaningful word or phrase to your heart tat. We’re big fans of this “acceptance” ink, but choose text that really speaks to you.

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Close up of a heart-shaped gem tattoo on a leg


Like jewelry as a tattoo (with an undeniable Sailor Moon energy), this gem-inspired ink proves that heart designs can be as creative as you desire.

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A barbed-wire heart tattoo on the mid-arm.


A barbed-wire tattoo symbolizes strength and courage—and takes on an extra layer of meaning when shaped like a heart.

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A tattoo of a halved strawberry in the shape of a heart.


Okay, this strawberry heart may be the most darling little tattoo we ever did see. Seriously, who’s matching with us?

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A tattoo of a hand holding a heart and another hand lighting up a lighter below it.


Just because it’s a heart doesn’t mean it has to be all lovey-dovey. For a darker take, we’re big fans of a cheeky mid-action scene like this one.

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A red tattoo on a shoulder of a shooting star with a heart in the middle.


This fine-line piece is part shooting star, part heart, and one very cool tat. Get it in black, or add a pop of color with a bold red hue.

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