Enchanting Ginger Girl with Tribal Tattoos and Magical Pet in Misty Forest Background – AR 5:7 – NIJI 5

Any fantasy fans here? I don’t really know what to call these people, I just wanted something magical looking so I put this prompt together:
ginger girl with tribal tattoos glowing blue and a small magical pet, misty forest background, hyper-realistic illustrations –ar 5:7 –niji 5
replace ginger girl with your character and enjoy it!
I used here ginger girl/man, blonde girl/man, black girl/man, indigenous girl/man.
I recommend human characters because of the tattoos.
I used tiger barbarian and werewolf as well but I still got humans. But it affected the pets.
I asked for them to be glowing but the pet cane glowing instead. There are still a few with glowing tattoos though.
And this bond created by these hugs were a nice surprise not in the prompt making the pictures look better than what I had on mind!

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