LeBron James’ Epic Pre-Game Outfit Setting the Internet Abuzz

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is only 36 points away from brҽaking the NBA scoring record. He’s getting ready for the event since he has the chance to make history tonight.


LeBron was seen arriving at the Crypto.com Arena fully suited for tonight’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He was dressed in a black suit and shirt, with a gold chain around his neck and the words “Stay Present” affixed to his lapel in the same metal.

Together with the 82,000 views so far, the post has received over 2,000 likes and several hundred retweets. Many think that his attire alone is an omҽn that he will break the record and surpass Magic Johnson as the NBA’s all-time greatest scorer tonight. The great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar now holds the NBA scoring record, which he established in 1989 with a total of 38,387 points.

LeBron James currently has 38,352 followers and reached that number in 150 fewer games than Kareem.


James has the opportunity to do so tonight in Los Angeles in front of a home crowd in addition to doing so while playing for Kareem’s Lakers. Even if he falls short, he will have another chance to break the record on Thursday when the Milwaukee Bucks visit.

Will LeBron set a new record tonight, or will the crowd be let down?

LeBron James’ epic throwback to NBA Draft night ahead of Lakers’ season-opener vs. Warriors

LeBron James, the top player for the Los Angeles Lakers, is approaching his 20th season in the NBA, but he will never forget his humble origins. James’ pregame attire before LA’s season-opening matchup against the Golden State Warriors made that much clear.

According to the Lakers Twitter account and Bleacher Report, James was wearing the following. LeBron James appears to be wearing an all-white outfit ahead of the start of his 20th NBA season in remembrance of draft night, the occasion when it all began and one to which he also wore a suit. It makes for a fairly epic picture that will bring tears to the eyes of those who have followed the Akron, Ohio native throughout his whole career.


It’s hard to think that James first played in the NBA so long ago, but unfortunately, here we are with The King, now 37 years old, preparing to hold court once more.

He will begin his campaign by taking on the Warriors, who are the reigning champions and will be wearing their title rings after their victory over the Boston Celtics in June.

LeBron James has participated in this ceremony four times throughout his career, so perhaps seeing it will give him even more incentive to return to the NBA’s promised land. James doesn’t really require any extra gasoline. After playing in just 56 games the previous season and failing to lead Los Angeles to the playoffs, he has had to pay attention to the cynics and doubters.

LeBron James will be highly motivated, that much is certain.

LeBron James Outfit Sends Social media Into Pandemonium With a Throwback to 2003!

We are here to tell you that LeBron James has the finest pre-game fit out of anyone looking for one. King James is the best at “outfits,” and even 20 years later, he still rules the pre-game jog.

We frequently observe older players transition out of it as trends and styles change. However there are a select few people whose elegant and classic sense of style can always be seen. One of those mҽn has been LeBron James.


You are presented with a different sight each time you watch him enter an arena. And as usual, it’s the topic of conversation on social media. Nothing has changed tonight. But tonight’s fit is a tribute to his very first fit. The white suit he wore on his draft night in 2003. a completely white suit, but this time it fits him. And the wonder of it completely stυnned the internet. Statistics show that he will have a terrific night, although 40 might be a little challenging to attain. These are just a few responses; the internet will undoubtedly keep bringing up this topic for some time. The buzz is back as the NBA season gets underway, and all eyes are firmly fixed on America’s favorite sport.

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