Michael Jordan, wife Yvette and twin children Enjoy a stay in Sardinia in a luxury hotel and where a lunch costs 330 USD

Michael Jordan, his wife Yvette, 44, and their twin kids board a boat from his yacht and travel to an exclusive hotel in Sardinia, where a lunch costs $330.


While on vacation in Italy, NBA legend Michael Jordan was photographed smoking a cigar and dining at a five-star hotel in Sardinia.

At the Cala di Volpe hotel in Sardinia, where a meal costs 300 euros ($336), water costs 20 euros per bottle ($22), and wine prices start at 200 euros ($225), Jordan and his wife Yvette Prieto were spotted dining.


Jordan was observed wiping his brow as he sat at the table in the oppressive 106 degree heat when Europe has been experiencing a heatwave.

Later, he was spotted sporting a t-shirt with the number 23 on it, a nod to the jersey he had during his heyday with the Chicago Bulls. Throughout his trophy-filled tenure with the Bulls, Jordan won six NBA championships. Jordan has met up with some old acquaintances from the NBA and Hollywood while he has been in Europe.


The restaurant band playfully serenaded the trio of friends, and Johnson uploaded a funny video of Jordan and himself grinning along with the music.

Johnson posted on Instagram, saying, “Tonight we enjoyed an incredible dinner at the world-famous Da Paolino Ristorante AKA the lemon tree restaurant in Capri, Italy.”

And I got to socialize with John and Vicki Palmer, Judge Greg and Linda Mathis, Sam (Samuel L Jackson) and LaTanya Jackson, the greatest basketball player to ever live, Michael Jordan, and his wife Yvette.

Jordan and wife Prieto usually maintain a low profile while living in Sicily with their twin girls.


Three years after they first met in a Miami nightclub in 2008, Jordan proposed to the model with Cuban ancestry. They got married in 2013 and had their kids, who are now nine, the following year.

After 13 years as the owner of the NBA franchise, Jordan has recently been in the news due to rᴜmours that he is selling his majority ownership in the Charlotte Hornets for a staggering $3 billion. Jordan was even present with him at a workout prior to the Draft, according to the 20-year-old Miller, who accidentally airballed a free shot in front of him.

Before traveling to Italy, MJ and Yvette were in Paris. As they were leaving a restaurant, they were caught on camera by a reporter asking Jordan if he was okay with his son Marcus, 32, dating Larsa Pippen, the ex-wife of Scottie Pippen, a Bulls player.

He laughed and exclaimed, “No!”

Then, in a recent episode of Marcus and Larsa’s podcast, the two of them opened up about how they truly felt about Michael’s comment.

On the one hand, Marcus was ‘dying laughing’ at Michael’s remark, which was ‘hilarious to me’ since ‘I know my dad, right?’ On the other hand, Larsa “didn’t think it was funny,” “found nothing funny about it,” and was perplexed that Marcus considered the scenario amusing. He immediately assumed that Michael was playing when he heard what Michael had said about Larsa. He’s laughing and joking around. He’s simply having fun, you know.

Marcus added waggishly that his father might have been “a little lit” from tequila the night of his viral jab at Larsa at the Parisian eatery Matignon.

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