We plant 7 alliums in September and admire the beautiful “balls” all next summer

A decorative bow can be a decoration for any garden. Alliums are used in the design of ridges, alpine slides, lawns. Some varieties can be planted at the very beginning of autumn, and next summer they will delight with their lush hats.

Ash Sense

We plant 7 alliums in September and admire the beautiful

An unpretentious plant, reaching a height of 70 cm. It differs from other varieties in bright purple inflorescences, which are surrounded by basal linear leaves of a light green hue. The plant exudes a subtle onion scent. Ash Sense bloom begins in May and ends most often in June.

Planting is carried out in September in loose and fertile soil.

For planting, it is advisable to choose a well-lit area, although allium can grow in shaded areas. Ash Sensation will look great in group and mixed plantings – it is there that the decorative bow will give the flower bed a complete and harmonious look.

Star of Persia

We plant 7 alliums in September and admire the beautiful

A beautiful and friendly plant, the leg of which reaches 30 centimeters. This species, including its root system, does not argue with other crops. It can be planted next to roses, lilies, annuals.

In early June, unusual purple inflorescences bloom that look more like dandelions. The variety pleases with its beauty for about a month and a half.

In leaving, the Star of Persia is unpretentious. It is enough to plant it in the fall on a lighted area in well-drained soil.

It endures cold winters steadily, so it does not need shelter, as well as digging out bulbs. Will look harmoniously in rockeries, group plantings and borders.

Bow blue

We plant 7 alliums in September and admire the beautiful

An incredibly beautiful representative of the Allium, which is often called the royal one. This species can be grown as an ornamental, but it is also suitable for human consumption.

It blooms in rich blue balls, which change to light pink by the end of flowering.

It is recommended to plant blue onions in a well-lit place. The more bright light the crop receives, the deeper the shade of flowers and leaves will be.

Water the blue onion evenly throughout the season. It tolerates the cold very well, therefore, he does not need shelter.


We plant 7 alliums in September and admire the beautiful

Roseum is an ornamental undersized plant that will bring an element of tenderness and elegance to the garden. Its height does not exceed 30 cm, it blooms in May and June with amazingly beautiful lilac-pink balls. Flowering lasts about 16 days.

The culture is unpretentious, perfectly tolerates cold winters. Planting is carried out in the fall, choosing a sufficiently illuminated area with loose and fertile soil.

Hosta is considered a good neighbor for this variety, which will add splendor to the garden due to its foliage. Ornamental bow looks great in rocky gardens, borders and ridges.

Ivory Queen

We plant 7 alliums in September and admire the beautiful

An unusual kind of decorative bow. Differs in corrugated wide and long foliage, as well as snow-white spherical inflorescences.

Plant height – 25 cm. Allium should be grown in well-lit places and in well-drained soil.

Watering Ivory Queen is practically unnecessary, as well as shelter for the winter. Roses, irises, clematis, hosts, geraniums and peonies will look great in the garden with snow-white decorative onions.


We plant 7 alliums in September and admire the beautiful

Gladiator is one of the most spectacular varieties. Blooms from May to June. Most often, the inflorescences are bright purple, rather large in diameter, about 20-25 centimeters.

Onions are resistant to garden pests and are easy to care for. Good for both sunny and shaded areas.

Bulbs are planted in autumn in loose and fertile soil to a depth of 15-20, at a distance of 30 cm from each other. It will look advantageous in a flower bed with such plants as Mahonia holly and boxwood.


We plant 7 alliums in September and admire the beautiful

It is a late flowering ornamental plant with small egg-shaped inflorescences. Decorates the garden with pink-lilac flowers from July to August. The variety needs fertile soil and adequate lighting.

Looks attractive in borders, ridges with perennials, such as hosta, cuff, or in plantings with ornamental grasses. It easily takes root and reproduces in the garden, does not require special care and shelter for the winter.

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We plant 7 alliums in September and admire the beautiful "balls" all next summer

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